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Satanic Stanzas Cover.png

This was an original compendium of the author's collected poems spanning from 2009 to 2019 based on vital existence, Satanism, seidr, occultism, misanthropy, cynicism, anarchy, Nihilism, assholery, and generally hellbound shit.


Paperback - 138 pages


Late Street Cover-page-001_edited.png

A short story ov thee day on thee job ov a trans prostitute!

Paperback – 9 pages


Limited prints.


Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 6.56.50 PM.png

A small book ov poetry written for hardcore punks.

Written by a free agent.

A6 Paperback – 28 pages


50 copies printed in


You mortals are like wasps..png

This was a pocket book style ov poetry based on the author’s disappointment in humanity. All ov thee poems were written by Crickle Jisby during thee great temper tantrum ov 2020.

Hardcover – 72 pages


Limited print ov 23.


These were signed and numbered by the author.



A short book ov Zen inspired poetry written during thee 36th year.

Custom stamped, signed, and numbered by thee author.

Paperback – 36 pages


Limited prints ov 23



aquiline: songs from thee gnosE


A small book ov poetry about the author's gnose.

Written by jimmy thee gnosE

A6 Paperback – 24 pages


50 copies printed in


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